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Besides that they have an emotional kind of Hip Hop elements. Discography Studio albums 1998: 1 to 1 2000: 6:46 2002: Take Over Time 2004: Hold Back 2006: Aye Do Dat 2009: Straight No Chaser 2012: Ayo Twist 2014: Rich Man Vocal singles 1997: "Aint That Something" "Come Over" 1998: "Be Cool" "Come Over (Remix)" "Gotta Go" "Turn Me Up" "Twilight" 1999: "Keep It On" "Wild At Your Side" "Keep It On (Remix)" "Wild At Your Side (Remix)" 2000: "You Know What Time It Is" "You Know What Time It Is (Remix)" "You Know What Time It Is (Jay-Z Remix)" "You Know What Time It Is (M.O.P. Remix)" 2001: "Don't Be 'Cause" "Don't Be 'Cause (Remix)" "Dance And Romance" "Dance And Romance (Remix)" 2002: "After The Party" "Ima Player" "So Fly (Remix)" "The Gang (Remix)" 2003: "Heavenly" "La La La (Remix)" "We Both Like The Same One" "We Both Like The Same One (Remix)" "La La La (Remix) (US Version)" 2004: "No More Running (Remix)" "Gotta Get Your Own" "My Friends (Remix)" "Can I Get Your Love (Remix)" "My Friends (Remix) (US Version)" "Leave (Remix)" 2005: "The Book (Remix)" 2006: "Put My Hands On You" "Put My Hands On You (Remix)" "Gotta Get Your Own (Remix)" "Put My Hands On You (Remix) (US Version)" "Red Room (Remix)" "Red Room (Remix) (US Version)" "I'm Coming" "I'm Coming (Remix)" "Gotta Get Your Own (Remix) (US Version



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